Welcome to my Home of Work!

My name is Mitchell Moravec. I am a freshman. I am pursuing both a Material Science Engineering Degree as well as a Psychology Degree. I am choosing these based on personal experience with both subjects and interest in these fields.

My favorite break from school is Winter break. I enjoy seeing my family at Christmas. I also enjoy opening presents. I have been a very good boy this year and I expect lots of gifts from Santa. I would like Legos or a firetruck.

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Hours of entertainment.

How to order a Pizza

  1. Locate number of Krusty Krab.
  2. Call number.
  3. Call again and hope you do not get Patrick.
  4. Ask for a Krusty Krab pizza and a diet Dr. Kelp.
  5. Wait pateiently.
  6. Pizza arrives but they forget your diet Dr. Kelp and you are upset.
  7. Get pizza shoved in your face.

Class Expected Grade
English 261 A-
E115 S
MA 241 A+
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