Intro to XHTML Homework 5a

My name is Malia Moscatello and I want to be an environmental engineer.
I want to go into environmental engineering because I think that they will
in high demand in the near future. The population is growing too fast and we
will need environmental engineers to perserve our resources and prevent as much
pollution as possible. Another thing that environmental engineers do is help
people who do not have access to clean water. I think that going to third
world countries and providing them with safe drinking water would be a very
fulfilling career.

My favorite hobby is playing any kind of competitive sport. I enjoy playing soccer,
flag football, ping pong, and even fooseball. I know that some people might not
consider ping pong and fooseball sports, but they still require some sort of skill
and bring out my competitive side. My favorite kind of competition that I participate
in is soccer. I played soccer for 10 years and I stopped because I was struggling to
manage my time. But I recently started playing intramural soccer which makes me very

Wombat Picture
Who Sucks? Tom Cruise Sucks.

How to Make a Sandwich
  1. Get a plain bagel and put mayo and honey mustard on it
  2. Put a good layer of turkey on it
  3. Slice up some brie cheese and put it on the turkey
  4. Add dried cranberries on the top
  5. Close the sandwich and enjoy

    1. Class Grade
      Chemistry B
      Calculus A
      Intro to Engineering A

      Soccer Ball