Welcome to Mujeeb Quadri's Webpage

Hello, my name is Mujeeb Quadri. I am a student at NCSU. I am currently majoring in environmental science. I want to transfer into and eventually major in computer science. I am a transfer student who is having a great time at NCSU. My anticipated graduation date is May 13,2019.

I chose my major because I tried out programming and I enjoyed it. I also chose my major because it can earn me a degree that can get me a great job in computer science. That job in computer science will most likely pay well. I intend to use my degree to work at a major and well established software company. An example of a place I would like to work at is RedHat.

Class Course Title Semester
Game Design CSC 281 Fall 2016
English for Engineers ENG 331 Spring 2017
Intro to Computing Environments E115 Spring 2017