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My name is Matthew Rowley an I am a freshman student at NC State university. I am in the college of textiles and I undeclared and attempting to CODA into textile engineering. I choose this major because I do well in math based classes and I knew from my sister that the college of textiles was the number one textile college in the world. When I made this decision I had no idea how many difficult classes I would need to take. I am excited to get done with these general education classes and get into some classes that are about my major.

My favorite hobby is cars and motorcycles, working on them and riding them. I have a 2014 DRZ 400 SM and am trying to purchase a 07 WRX wagon as my next car. Last summer I sold my car so I could buy my motorcycle. I love almost anything that has an engine and goes fast. And my parents hate that i like things that go fast.


Click here to see my favorite paper I wrote in E101

This is how you make my favorite sandwich the Gilled Cheese

  1. With your parents supervision turn on the stove and get out the following
  2. Once the pan is warm put your butter on and lay a slice of bread then a slice of cheese and once again another slice of bread on top.
  3. Then watch and be patient while the bread in contact with the pan becomes golden brown.
  4. Once one side is cooked repeat the cooking process on the other side of the sandwich.
  5. When both sides are cooked take the sandwich off the pan and turn off the stove.
  6. Cut your sandwich in half and enjoy.
Class Expected Grade
TE 110 B-
TE 105 A+
CH 101 C+
MA 141 A-
E115 Pass