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Here are some of my finished projects. Please enjoy them.



This game is the first game project that I worked on.


It’s the year 2555 on planet Earth. The Earth is overpopulated after the Reptilian Evolution in which all reptiles have evolved to equal intellectual abilities as humans. Therefore, expeditions into space to expand to other planets is necessary for survival. Various reptilian races have already established civilizations on other planets. In particular, the alligator race has moved to planet Cairon, where they have created a new corporation called Entropy Inc. with the purpose of creating weapons to destroy Earth and become the dominant intellectual race. Earth has sent a chameleon named Camo to Cairon to capture intel on Entropy Inc’s operations, in particular, a rumored prototype weapon called Starz. Our protagonist, Camo, is a chameleon ninja tasked with retrieving the prototype weapon Starz from the Entropy Inc. Despite Camo’s stealth maneuvers, an unseen alarm laser detects Camo when he takes the Starz from the top-security Chaos Vault. Entropy Inc.’s security system activates and causing a spike wall to follow Camo as he escapes, Camo’s only option is to run for his life to escape with the prototype. For the quickest escape, Camo decides to escape through the main boat dock. Alligator guards set themselves up throughout the dock in response to the alarm. They attempt to shine different colors of lights throughout the dock to spot Camo, but luckily, Camo is a chameleon and he can camouflage to avoid being seen. Camo has no choice but to test his luck with the Starz prototype to take down the guards or simply avoid them. The floor is segmented with water beneath. Since Camo is a chameleon, he cannot swim and will drown if he falls. He must now escape alive with the prototype in order to prevent future havoc on Earth that could be caused by those weapons.

Download Camo


This game is the second game project that I worked on.


One night in Singapore, four college students named Meemo, G-Dragon, MK, and Sandman came upon a bag of money. They took the money and split it four ways. That same night, all four friends were kidnapped by an international criminal organization named the Agents of Entropy.
Fight your way through leagues of gangsters while breaking through obstacles as you make your way to the top of the hideout to escape.

Download Captivity