Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Michael Tang. I am a freshman currently in the first year college. I will matriculate into an engineering major next year. I am currently exercising the idea of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I believe that I could be successful in either of these majors.

I don't really have a favorite hobby. I enjoy most of my hobbies equally. Anything that involves exercising and keeping my body in shape is something I would likely enjoy very much. That includes weight lifting, running (long distance and sprints), and all kinds of cardio sports. Gaming of course was a large part of my childhood and I still carry that with me today as a hobby as well.

Google Favorite paper I've written: Application of Exercise in Medicine
  1. Wheat bread
  2. Add meats (turkey and/or salami and/or ham)
  3. Add cheese (provolone or pepper jack)
  4. Add veggies (lettuce, spinach, and onions)
  5. Add spicy mustard
  6. Enjoy!!
Class Expected Grade
MA141 B-
MEA100 B
CSC116 B
E115 S
PHI205 A