Soda makes the world go around

My name is Maxwell Burden. I go by my nick name of Max. Sometimes I tell people my real name is
Maximus and that they have to call me Sir Maximus. I am a freshman and am looking to be an electrical or industrial engineer.
I chose these majors because I have always been very interested in science and also how things in electronics work.

My favorite break from school is easily summer break. It is the longest break and I always have the most fun. Also, the weather
I enjoy the warm weather because it means everyone will be out by pools tanning and socializing. I also enjoy summer break because I get a job and make money.


My Favorite

    How to Make a Pizza

  1. Buy dough
  2. Buy Sauce and Cheese
  3. Put sauce and cheese on dough
  4. Bake that ish

Class Grade
E115 Satisfactory
Ma 141 B
E 101 A+