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Hello, my name is Matthew Cronin. I am currently a First Year Engineering student here at NC State. I currently live in Metcalf Hall, the engineering village. I plan on majoring in Mechanical Engineering because it appeals to both of my loves of math and science and find the applications of the field to be fascinating.

Currently, I am not employed anywhere. In fact, the only somewhat real job that I have ever had was being a soccer referee at the age of 12. However, when I moved to North Carolina, I had to quit as my certification did not extend from Arizona to North Carolina. At the moment I am a full time student, but when I graduate, I hope to get a job working as a mechanical engineer in some sort of intriguing application such as robotics.

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  1. E 115
  2. E 101
  3. MA 241
  4. CH 102

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Engineering Village EV
American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME