Welcome to my E115 website!!

My name is Mitchell Lance. I am a freshman with Mechanical Engineering Intent. I have chosen Mechanical Engineering
because I have always enjoyed working with my hands and thinking of different inventions that I believe should be a
reality. My interest in Mechanical Engineering has only been sparked further by my internship with Snap-on Tools.
I have ideas that I think could be revolutionary in engineering as well as in the world at large, which is why I chose
NC State. This university will help me cultivate my skills and knowledge to help make my impact on the world.

My favorite hobby is racing. I have poured everything I have into dirt track racing. I do everything independently,
virtually no financial assistance from anyone and very little outside labor help. I have owned two cars, and I'm building
a third. However, I have stopped for the time being as my shop is back home and I don't have any resources here to do any
work during the semester. I will most likely continue this summer when I am back home.

Summit Racing

My second favorite website here!

How to: Make my favorite sandwich

  1. Obtain 2 slices of white bread, preferably Bunny brand
  2. Spread both slices with JIF peanut butter
  3. Join both slices in beautiful peanut-buttery union
  4. Lather both sides of the closed sandwich in butter
  5. Grill, as in the same way as a grilled cheese sandwich
  6. Enjoy

Ray Cook
Class Expected Grade
Chem 101 B+/A-
GC120 A
E101 A