Please enjoy.

My name is Matthew McCloskey. I plan on graduating with a bachelor's degree in 2019 in Biomedical Engineering. I chose this subject because it encompasses a lot of subjects and seems interesting to me. It can also be used to improve many people's lifespans and comfort of living (including my own). This major also has a good starting salary which is nice.

My favorite hobby is mountain biking or trail riding. I love biking as fast as I can though winding trails in the woods. There are also many trails in the Raleigh area, which opens up a lot of cool potential places for me to go and bike. Going off ramps and bumps can be very exalirating and exciting. Moutain biking with friends is also fun.


  1. Get ingredients and make base of pizza
  2. Sprinkle on a few black olives
  3. Grab a few more handfulls of black olives and put them on also
  4. Cook pizza in oven
Class Future Grade
E 101 A
E 115 S
EC 201 A
Mountain Biking