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Hello, my name is Matthew McGovern. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am not yet decided in my major but I hope to become a Mechanical Engineering major. Mechanical Engineering is a field with great potential and is very broad which is important to me. With that degree I hope to pursue a career in the automotive industry pertaining to environmental health.

I currently work a summer job at the Jacksonville Country Club. I am a lifeguard at the Club and have been for one year. I made many friends over the past summer while working. I hope that next summer will be just as good of a time. I look forward to getting re-certified to be a lifeguard and returning to work over the summer.

My Favorite Classes

  1. E 101
  2. CH 101
  3. MA 141
  4. E 115

    1. Organization Website
      Lambda Chi Alpha Website
      NCSU Engineers' Council Website