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I went into college thinking that I wanted to be an engineer. I chose Computer Engineering as my major. I like new technology and working with computers. After I started taking the required classes for the courses I realized that the class didn't really interest me. I talked it over with a friend who has more experience than me. Even though I like technology and I wasn't passionate about it. I don't want to someday doing something I hate. I figured out that I am really passionate about Japan and traveling. I plan to change major to Japanese as well as double majoring in something else.

I've had a lot of different hobby growing up. The majority of which is basically the same as any other kid. I like to collect cards; to be precise I collected YuGiOh cards while I was younger. I also collected Bakugan and most recently Vanguard cards after my trip to Japan. It was very exciting collecting all the different items, but it was also expensive for a bunch of toys. I stopped collecting because it wasn't worth the effort. My new hobby is to read light novel from China, Korea, and Japan that have been translated to english.

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Recipe: Steak

  1. Defrost the steak
  2. Marinate with Korean BBQ and soy sauce
  3. Let the meat marinate for a day in the fridge
  4. Remove it from the fridge and grill when you're ready to eat
Classes Expected Grade
Japanese A+
Chemistry B+
Calculus B+