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My name is Max Randall. I am a freshman in engineering with intent to study civil engineering, with a focus on structures. I eventually want to become an architect and I feel like having an education in civil engineering will allow me to be a more capable architect becuase of the integral nature of structural engineering to architcture.

I used to work at Whole Foods as a cashier's assistant. As a cashier's assistant I did all sorts of neat stuff such as stocking grocery bags, bagging groceries, and helping people carry their groceries out to their cars. Sometimes customers would be rude to me because I didn't bag their groceries the way they wanted me to, but learning how to deal with that kind of thing is a very valuable lesson to learn.

  1. MA 242-current
  2. ENG 410-current
  3. E 102-planned
  4. TDE 220-planned

  5. Club Name Club Website
    Beekeeper's Club Motorsports Club
    Website Website