My name is Matthew Richardson. I recently transferred to NCSU from Wake Tech and have started here as a Junior. I am studying electrical and computer engineering, a set of majors which encompass a large number of fields I have taken interests in. These fields will become increasingly significant in the race to develop future technologies as well as modernize current ones. I look forward to being able to research and design new types computing systems, such as neuromorphic or quantum computers.

As far as hobbies go, I pretty much just play video games. I was exposed to computers at a very young age and have been playing such games ever since. I do not have a favourite genre of games, but I tend to enjoy older titles more so than recent ones. I was brought up on old MS-DOS games like Magic Carpet, Gold Rush, and Doom, which has left me with an appreciation for games with minimalistic graphics and an emphasis on gameplay and exploration. Currently, I am looking forward to the release of Monster Hunter 4U, the latest instalment of a Japanese game series I like to waste time on.

My Favourite Website My Second Favourite Website!
  1. Prepare two pieces bread
  2. Coat bread with mustard
  3. Place slices of turkey on bread
  4. Slam the two pieces of bread together
  5. Class Grade [Expected]
    ECE 200 B
    ECE 109 A
    CSC 226 A
    My Favourite Monster