Welcome to the Wonderful World of E115

I am Michael Smith, a freshman in Civil Engineering. I chose Civil Engineering because I love building things. Structures, buildings, bridges, you name it, I would enjoy building it. I was the guy who was obsessed with Legos as a kid and who would spend hours on end building things just to tear them apart to build something else. In Civil Engineering, I believe I am equipping myself to build anything and everything that needs to be built.

There are many hobbies I enjoy doing, but one of my favorites is surfing. I got a surfboard for my birthday as an early teen and have always loved riding the waves. I have been a beach bum since I was a year old. Because my grandparents have a house at the beach, I have been fortunate to be able to go almost anytime I please. This has allowed me to pursue my passion for the waves greatly over the years. There is something peaceful and yet awe inspiring about riding a giant wall of water into shore.

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How to make a PB and J sandwich

  1. Take 2 pieces of your favorite bread
  2. Open your favorite jelly and spread on first piece of bread
  3. Spread your favorite peanut butter on the second piece
  4. Put the pieces together and enjoy with your favorite beverage

Class Expected Grade
Volleyball 1 S
Calc 1 B
Chem 101 A
E115 S

guy surfing