Welcome To The Web Page Of Martin

    My name is Martin. The current year I am living in is 2016. My intendended major is finance. My interests include Music, Rugby, Music about rugby and rugby about music. The highlight of my week is bagpipe class on thursdays, and for those of you who keep asking, yes I am "The REAL ___rick Hopper".Sophomore.

    They say tricks are for kids, but then again babies can't fight back when I jugg their cereal now can they? (no, they can't). So you tell me who the tricks are really for. I like CSC 200 because it teaches about computers. Id like to learn more about net neutrality. What I dont like about it, is that my professor won't talk about the dark web. You know, because every problem is solved by ignoring its existence. Also I will never understand the modern human's preoccupation with cats. Anyway, here's a table with some stuff.

Here is an Image of me