Welcome Everyone

Hi my name is Mark Tillotson and I am a Freshman. Currently my major is Engineering Undecided, but I am mainly interested in either chemical or mechanical engineering. My sophomore year in high school I took an engineering class that dealt largely with a currriculum similar to that of mechanical engineering. I found this class very interesting and it raised my interest in mechanical engineering. Chemistry is one of the few classes I feel like I actually enjoy so I am also interested in chemical engineering.

My favorite hobby currently is playing flag football. My suite has a team and we play every Monday at 9:30. I would say I enjoy it so much because it's fun and I get to bond with my suitemates. We are currently on 1-3 but I believe we have a good chance to do well in our next two and final games. Hopefully I'm able to get a couple more touchdowns.

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  1. Call the restraunt and order pizza
  2. Check the online tracker
  3. Wait until pizza delivery person arrives
  4. Pay for the pizza and take it inside to eat

Course Name Expected Grade
CH 101 A
MA 241 A
EC 205 A