Micah Ulrich

Education information

I am a mechanical engineering major. I attend North Carolina State University. I am on pace to graduate in May, 2019.


I chose mechanical engineering as my major because it is such a broad field. I can find jobs in many different industries with a bachelors in mechanical engineering. It is also a very in demand degree. So although I don't know what I'd like to do after I graduate, I know I will have multiple well compensated career options available to me.

Class Course Title Semester
Computer Science 113 Introduction to MATLAB Fall 2016
Graphic Communication 120 Introduction to Computer Aided Design Spring 2017
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 206 Engineering Statics Spring 2017
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 200 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design Spring 2017
Statistics 370 Probability and Statistics for Engineers Spring 2017