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My name is Matthew Ball. I'm a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am majoring in civil engineering. I have always been good at math and liked to build things. Hopefully, I'll one day get to design structures.

Fishing is my favorite hobby. I grew up on the new river, and fishing is something I've always enjoyed. I've spent a lot of time finding good spots that hold the biggest fish. When fishing in the river, trout is the ideal fish to catch. Grilled trout is among my favorite foods to eat.

Google Research Paper
  1. Start with wheat bread
  2. Put a little mayonnaise on one piece of bread
  3. Put a slice of tomato on the mayonnaise
  4. Next comes the meat, pepperoni, black forest ham, and bologna
  5. After the meat put a slice of onion and the sandwhich is finished
Class Ecpected Grade
ma 242 A
py 205 A-
CS 224 A+
py 206 A