Welcome to your intro in XHTML

Hello, my name is Matthew Cherry. I am currently at North Carolina State University. I am majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have chosen to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering due to an internship I currently have. I am doing product testing on lights and I really like the aspect of the job. I think that I will enjoy this major.

In the little free time that I have, I have a few hobbies. I like playing sports and spending time with my family. I also like fishing at the beach and spending time with friends. My favorite hobby would probably be playing Ultimate Frisbee. Every time I go on vacation or to a new place, I tend to buy a new frisbee.

ESPN Resume
  1. Put sauce on the dough
  2. Lay cheese on top of the sauce
  3. Place pizza in the oven for 18 minutes
  4. Take pizza out and cut it
Class Grade
E115 S
NE235 S
MA242 B
Ultimate Frisbee