Madisyn Weathersby- Resume.


North Carolina State University Student majoring in Aerospace Engineering . Anticipated graduation date of May 2019.

Major Choice

Optimization and design of defense and space-craft is intriguing to me. My goal is to be a part of a team working to optimize effeciency of vertical take off and landing defense craft or solar powered space craft.

I would choose the head of The National Society of Leadership of Success because it is a benefit of the club to have a reccomendation wrote. They would write a good reccomendation because they would have viewed my strengths and weaknesses through cociety meetings and activities.



Class Couse Semester
MAE 251 Aerospace Vehicle Perf. Fall 2016
MAE 252 Aerodynamics 1 Spring 2017
CSC 113 Into. to MATLAB Spring 2017
MAE 361 Dynamics and Controls Fall 2017
MAE 371 Aerospace Structure 1 Fall 2017