Hi, I'm Matthew Guin. I'm a freshman at North Carolina State University with a Civil Engineering intent. I chose Civil Engineering because of the fields close relationship with the built and natural environment. More specifically, I hope to be a water resources engineer, which is a concentration within Civil.

I've previously worked as a camp counselor in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Working with children taught me communication skills I didn't know I needed. I learned how to communicate ideas in ways I'd never had to express them and how to resolve conflicts that had no clear right side. Overall, working as a camp couselor taught me more about humans and the way we act, something that will be applicable no matter where I go.

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The Most Interesting Classes I've Taken, am Taking, or am Going to Take

  1. Environmental Science
  2. Native American Literature
  3. Hydrology and Urban Water Systems
  4. Intro. to Economics

Clubs that I'm in

Club Website
Engineers Without Borders EWB NCSU site
American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE NCSU site