Hello and welcome to my page!

My name is Mark Klose, and I am a freshman studying Materials Science and Engineering and Science, Technology and Society! I chose these majors due to flexibility they provide, plus I will be able to pursue a background in chemistry, history, and math, which are my favorite subjects. The end goal in mind is to make something out of recycled materials and equipment, and somehow make that into a source of income. As you can tell, there are many blanks that still need to be filled in my life, but for now, these majors should do just fine.

A previous job I had was working as an IT assistant for North Andover Public Schools. I did everything from throwing out old equipment (hence why I see the potential in recycled equipment and materials) to installing projectors and rewiring classrooms.
I loved the flexibility, plus I got the opportunity to go into rooms in my school that no other students had the opportunity to. I learned everything inside and out, while I got the chance to give back to the people.

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Classes I Want To Take at NC State

  1. Music Technology and Recording
  2. Nuclear Proliferation
  3. Nuclear Materials
  4. Linear Algebra
  5. World Populations and Food
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