Welcome to my About me Page

My name is Matthew McMillan. I'm a freshman in Egingeering First Year at North Carolina State University. I plan to study industrial engineering because I love to optmize processes. I want to do something with data analytics in the future and thought this would be a great route. I love it here at NC State and look forward for the future in engineering.

I have interned for Congressman Ted Deutch from Florida, District 22. I learned a lot from my time there. My dream job is to work for Tesla in their Gigafactory. I love what they are trying to do and want to take part in making a change. Elon Musk is my role model. I admire his craftsmanship and his mark he is making on our planet.

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Most Interesting Classes

  1. Calculus 2
  2. Engineering 101
  3. Chemistry
  4. E 115
  5. English
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