Welcome to MacGyver Nethercutt's webiste!

My name is MacGyver Nethercutt. I am a freshman student studying Aerospace Engineering. I chose to study aerospace engineering because I am contracted by the US Government to study this, and then enter service in the USAF. I am also interested in Aerospace Engineering because I like rockets and space related topics. I have been constructing and launching model rockets since I was a kid and would like to do this professionally.

My favorite hobby is model rocketry. I started out using model rocket kits that were made commercially. After I gained some experience with those I began making and using larger rockets. I now manufacture my own solid rocket propellant and have designed several engine casings and rockets. I have had numerous successful test firings of the propellant and one successful launch.

Download Paper Here

How to make solid rocket fuel

  1. Obtain stump remover from your local hardware store, and sugar from your grocery
  2. Combine the stump remover and sugar in a 60/40 mix in a stove pan
  3. Heat the mixture at medium temp on the stove until it becomes a brown paste. Make sure to stir to avoid burning
  4. Pour the mixture into a cansiter and touch it with flame to ignite it.

Class Expected Grade
English B or B+
Calculus II C+ or better
E-115 Dont want to say to avoid angering you