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I'm currently enrolled in North Carolina State University, and completing Chemical Engineering degree. My anticipated graduation date is Spring 2019.

Career Goal

I choose Chemical Engineering as my major because I’ve always enjoyed math and chemistry, and I really do not want to teach in these fields. When I came to the engineering open house, people showed me the variety things you can do with chemical engineering, that’s when I decided on this major. I wanted to use chemical engineering to improve makeup.

  1. Fluency in English and Chinese
  2. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint
  3. Great team member
  4. Exceptional listener
  5. Interpersonal Abilities
  6. Class Course Title Semester
    CHE 205 Chemical Process Principles Spring 2016
    CHE 311 Transport Process I Spring 2016
    CHE 315 Chemical Process Thermodynamics Fall 2017
    CHE 316 Thermodynamics of Chemical and Phase Equilibrium Fall 2017
    CHE 450 Chemical Engineering Design I Fall 2019