Welcome to this website, I hope you enjoy your stay!

My name is Michael Warstler. I am a freshman in the college of engineering at NC State University. My intended
major is Electrical Engineering. The main reason I chose Electrical Engineering is simply because
I love circuits, magnetism, electrostatics, and other physical sciences that revolve around energy and
electricity. At one time, I was set on Nuclear Engineering, but I am totally certain that my passion lies
with Electrical Engineering.

It's tough to say what my favorite hobby is. I am an avid gamer, but my biggest hobby is probably
playing guitar. I first started playing when I was fourteen, and I have been practicing ever since.
I mainly play metal music because it's my favorite genre and it's the most technical/difficult to
play. I hope to one day find other players, so I can form a band, but that will come in
time. Maybe one day, I can make it more than a hobby.

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This link goes to Google.com haha!

How I Make My Favorite Sandwich

  1. Grab bread/hoagie bun
  2. Toast bread till golden brown
  3. Place one slice of white cheddar cheese on the bread
  4. Place ham until appropriately covered
  5. If feeling dangerous, put cheez-its on the sandwich as well

Class Expected Grade
Chem 101 A
English 101 A
Calculus 1 (math 141) A
Chem 102 A

Two great guitarists!

Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman