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I am Megan Yang, graduation year for 2018 at the North Carolina State University. I am within the First Year College program, therefore my major is undeclared. However, I do find great interested in two majors. These two majors happen to be compatible with one another, seeing that they have a dual major program. The field of Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering are the two majors of interest because of my lack of skill in physics but high and fast understanding of mathematics and chemistry. Also, I found a connection with the Department of Natural Resources within the first few months of being here at this institute and developed an enormous interest in Paper Science.

One of the hobbies I kept with me since I was young is drawing animated characters. I developed this hobby when I first observed my siblings drawing it and thus began myself. Although I have a small passion towards drawing, I can not visualize myself pursuing this as a major without considering the financial income I would possible receive. Since I've come to this institute, I find myself loosening my hold onto drawing because of the time consumption for my academic goals. However, I have slowly begun to drawing once again by digitalizing my previous works with the assistance of the Paint Tool Sai program and Bamboo Pen and Mouse Tablet. I also enjoy writing stories in a poetic format.

A Sample Drawings can be found below. Click on 2nd Image to visit my Deviant Art!~

Jan 2015 Drawing DeviantArtLink

MHS Poetry 3-Page Fiction Part One

How to Make My Kind of Sandwich!

  1. Get two slices of whole wheat bread.
  2. Toast one side of the two slices with butter on a pan.
  3. Place the toasted sides facing down on the plate or flat surface.
  4. Place one slice of provolone cheese on one of the breads.
  5. Slowly slice slices of avocado onto the other piece of bread.
  6. Slowly stack slices of turkey and ham over top the avocado slices and pour some mayo between every other slice of turkey or ham.
  7. After completion of stacking the amount of deli to your liking, place one or two leafs of lettuce ontop and the other slice of bread with the provolone cheese.
  8. Cut the sandwich diagonally and ENJOY!
Class Name Expected Grade
ES200 A
CH101 B-
MA241 A-
E115 S