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My name is Marelis Perez. I am a Freshman at NC State University. Although I do not have a major yet, I would like to major in Technology, Engineering, and Design with a concentration in Graphic Communications. I would also like to minor in Business Administration. I want to major in this because it combines what I am interested in a hands on environment. I also like the broad concept of this major and how it can open doors for me in the future.

At NC State, I am a part of the Panoramic Dance Company in the ArtsNCState program. My hobby is dancing. I enjoy dancing because it is an artistic way for me to express myself. I am a creative person and I do not feel like I get to share my ability as often as I would like. Through dancing in a dance program, I am able to express myself accordingly. I intend to keep dancing in the future.

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How to Make a Pizza

  1. Buy Frozen Pizza from a Grocery Store
  2. Cook it in an Oven
  3. Take it out of the Oven
  4. Serve it and Eat It
Course Name Expected Grade
Step Aerobics S
Economics 205 A
English 101 A