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My name is Nicholas Bruinsma. I am currently a Freshman at NC State. I plan to major in Computer Science. I like computers, so I figure Computer Science would be something I'd be interested in. If Computer Science doesn't work out I'll try out Computer Engineering.

My favourite hobby is building computers. Most of the money I save up from work go into buying computer components. I spend countless hours compiling lists of compatible parts for possible future builds or for other peoples builds. I have built 5 computers for myself and countless others for people. With each successive build I strive to make a cleaner more appealing build while also improving performance.

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  1. Obtain plate.
  2. Place bread on plate.
  3. Insert sliced turkey into bread.
  4. Enjoy simple but delicious sandwich.
Class Expected Final Grade
E115 S
Physics 205 B+
Chemistry 101 B