Welcome to my College Life!

Hello! My name is Noel Buitrago, and I am a Freshman at NC State. Currently, my major is First-Year Engineering with a Textile and Chemical Engineering intent. I really enjoy the subjects of math and science and am excited about the future of both of these fields.

Right now, I work as a Dean's Page in the College of Textiles. This means that I am responsible for answering the College's main phone line as well as booking conference rooms, greeting guests, and distributing mail. This work is fun and has strengthened my communication and problem-solving skills.

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A picture of Noel

Interesting Classes I Have Taken:

  1. E115 Introduction to Computing Environments
  2. HON202 Creative Non-Fiction and Nature in Civic Discourse
  3. E102 Engineering in the 21st Century
  4. T491 Honors Seminar in Textiles

Club Club's Website
Greater Good Textile Group https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/320
Club Swim Team https://uclub.swim-team.us/