This is my HW6. yay....

My name is Nikos Costello. I am freshman intending on majoring in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science. I choose these majors because I really enjoy chemistry. Chemistry is a lot of fun! I also got a scholarship to do paper science so thats why im am in paper science. I also like these majors because they give me a chance to help the enviroment. I hope to CODA by the end of this coming spring semester

My favorite hobby is playing video games. It is something that i have done for as long as i can remember. I like to play all sorts of games. However i prefer games on the computer. My favorite game to play is league of legends. I play league of legends competitively and even get to represent NC State in a college league. Its a lot of fun and we are pretty good. There is a big national tournament coming up and the winning team wins $30k per player in scholarship money.

  1. Get your dough and roll it out
  2. Put on tomato sauce
  3. Put on a lot of cheese
  4. Put on more cheese because you probably didnt put enough
  5. Add some ham and pineapple
  6. Bake and enjoy

Class Expected Grade
E115 S
Ch101 A-
E101 A+

League of Legends