My name is Nathanael Anthony Diggins. I am a Freshman with the intent to go into Biomedical Engineering. I chose this field as it combines my two greatest passions: Engineering and the human body. Coincidentally, these are the respective fields my parents work in: Mechanics and Nursing. I hope to pursue a Masters degree in this field and subsequently work in a BME firm someday in California.

My favorite thing to do with my freetime is to learn. I have a passion and a firm belief that the most fulfilling thing one can do is acquire knowledge. This belief was probably was instilled by the mass amount of degrees held by my parents and their parents. That being said, I believe the more one knows, the better they can serve their community. Whether it be a learned skill or relevant knowledge, information is key and prudent to the success of a civilization.

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    How to make my favorite sandwich:
  1. Acquire Bread
  2. Acquire Meats
  3. Acquire Vegetables
  4. Acquire Sauces
  5. Combine in a disorganized fashion (prioritize meat)
  6. Class Estimated Grade
    E115 S
    E101 A
    CH101 B
    MA241 A
    One of my favorite places to learn is NCSU :D