Homework 6 probably

My name is Nathaniel Eddy. I am a freshman and I am trying to CODA into Electrical Engineering. I chose Electrical Engineering because I like computers and stuff. I also just generally like knowing how things work so it seemed like a pretty good option. If I don't get into Electrical Engineering I also applied to Biological Engineering. If I dont get into that I also applied for Chemistry.

My favorite hobby is probably making music. I play bass and whenever I am in my hometown my friends and I get together to record stuff. It is a lot of fun and has provided me with a lot of opportunities to meet people and make friends with similar interests. I also enjoy restoring and repairing musical equiptment. I recently repaired a set of Advent loudspeakers from the 1970's so that was cool.

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  1. Wait for the Hurricanes to score 3 goals in one game
  2. Wait until the next day when Papa John's is half off
  3. Pick up phone and call Papa John's
  4. Order pizza at half price
Calc II A
Physics 205 B
Religion 210 B