This is my Header

My name is Noah Hoelldobler. I am a freshman in Computer Science. I chose this major because I wanted to be an engineer, but I don't like science or math that much, and this is like the only engineering major that doesn't have that. Also, I suck at english so that was out of the question. I like history, but you can't make money off of that, so here I am.

My favorite hobby is studdying. Ha, but seriously, its probably volleyball. I mainly play as a setter, but I'm not too bad at hitting. I hate back row, but then again, who doesn't. My serve is above par, but not even close to being amazing.


My Resume
  1. call dominoes
  2. order a large meat lovers pizza
  3. wait for your delivery
  4. tip the kind pizza delivery person, unless they are mean, then slam the door in their face
  5. eat the whole thing with no regrets
I'm so good at volleyball
Class Expected Grade
CSC116 A
MA241 A-
PY205 B+
E115 S