Welcome to Homework 6

My name is Nicholas Kent, I am a freshman in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering. I chose these majors because I have always had an interest in how things work, while also wanting to be able to sell or profit off of my ideas and designs. Business Administration is a very diverse major in which you can learn to run a business and also learn how to market products that fit everyday needs. Mechanical Engineering allow me to be able to understand how the world works around me and also be able to design products that are both safe for the consumer and also for the environment. Using both of these majors I hope to someday open my own engineering firm or business I which I help to make my clients lives easier and less stressful.

One of my favorite hobbies is archery. I got in to the sport after my dad got me to start deer hunting and learning how to be a sportsman. I enjoy the sport of archery because it allows me to better myself though hours of practice. It also helps to teach me the value of patience, which is a virtue that can be applied to anything in life. Archery at the competitive level is hard, if you started later in life, there is a steep learning curve that forces those who started later to work much harder to get to the same level.

Cabelas Link Resume
  1. Look up the number for Marcos Pizza
  2. Call and order a large meatlovers pizza
  3. Go and pick up the pizza from Marcos
  4. Enjoy the pizza with your friends or by yourself
Course Grade Expected
MIE-201 A
EC-201 A
FLS-201 B