Welcome to my Webpage

My name is Nick Macon, and I am a First Year Engineering student at North Carolina State University. My intended major is either Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering. I still have not decided between the two of them because I am interested in both. Mechanical is much more wide known and useful for many different types of companies. On the other hand, Aerospace seems like a more interesting field to work in, its something that not everyone gets to work on.

My favorite hobby would probably be music. From about the age of like 7 I started to notice that I can easily learn how to play an instrument, at least decently, in just a few days. I took a lot of lessons as a child as well, and even took band in middle school. Because of this I can now play over 15 different instruments including piano, guitar, and the drums. It also helps pass the time and even calm me down.

  1. butter the bread
  2. put the cheese inbetween the bread
  3. spray the pan
  4. grill sandwich in pan
  5. take out of pan and eat
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 B
ECON 205 A
CHEM 101 B