Welcome to my Page!

I am Noah Meshwork and I am a first-year engineering freshman at NCSU. My current engineering intent is chemical engineering with a concentration in nanoscience. I chose this engineering field due to my interest in materials and why they behave/react in specific ways.

I currently am an assistant to an executive construction recuiter at Rosenthal Schoor and make cold-calls to executives. I started work at Rosenthal Schoor the summer of 2014 and have worked there ever since. I have also worked as an intern to the CEO of Aspire construction management where I organized bids and made calls about the projects

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Classes I wish to take/currently taking

  1. History of Film since 1940
  2. Organic Chemistry I/II
  3. Intro to Pyschology
  4. Social Pyschology
Name of Club Link to Website
AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Website
Scholars Program Website