My name is Nick Nolte and I'm currently a freshmen at NC State. I'm in the First-Year engineering program, but I have an undecided intent. I hopefully will go into either Mechanical, Aerospace, or Civil engineering. I chose to study engineering because it's probably one of the most important jobs, like doctors. Being able to further humanity and better our every day lives seems like a pretty exciting job.

I'm always active and I have many hobbies, but I'd say my favorite hobby would most likely be playing Ultimate Frisbee. I love being active and being outside and ultimate involves it! Along with being active, I love hanging out with friends. Ultimate is a team-based sport so I typically play with my friends. Nothing really beats playing Ultimate with friends on a beautiful day.

I Hate Homework


  1. Get the supplies: Bread, Peanut Butter, and Grape Jelly
  2. Grab two slices of bread
  3. Put Peanut Butter on one slice, and Grape Jelly on the other
  4. Put the two pieces together
  5. Enjoy PB&J with a cold glass of milk
Class Grade
E101 A+
E115 Pass
ES100 A+

The Queen of Ultimate