Welcome To My Story. Be Ready to Cry, Laugh and Maybe Cry Some More.


My Name is Nadeem Sheikh and I am a freshman engineering student in the Engineering First Year Program at North Carolina State University. I am extremely interested in the use of physics when creating new inventions or structures. Due to my interest in physics, I plan to join either the Mechanical or Electrical Engineering Department at NCSU.

My Favorite Classes at State This Semester

  1. MA 242
  2. HON 202: Representing Animals
  3. PY 205
  4. ECON 201

  5. Name of Club Link to Website
    FSAE Formula Team Website
    Aerial Robotics Club Website

    My short term dream job is to become a C-Store Cashier at the C-Store located in the Honors Village. I hope to earn this job because I feel that I can handle the responsibility of being a C-Store Cashier while alotting time to work on homework while managing the infrequently visited store. Working at the C-Store will allow me to gain valuable work experience while testing my ability to manage my time among all of my commitments