Welcome to my Web!

My name is Nicola Sink and I primarily applied to the Poole College of Management. Once I got to NC State I decided to switch into Engineering. I am currently a freshman and hope to switch into Industrial Engineering before next semester. I want to do Industrial Engineering because it is more business oriented, which seems more interesting to me. With this degree I hope to work for a large company managing engineers.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. Unfortunately I do not play as much as I used to but I still love the sport. I played on my school team during middle and high school as a wide mid fielder. I want to join an inter mural team here at state so I can start playing again. I miss playing and would love to start again soon

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How to Make Pizza:

1.Roll the dough

2.Add spinach tomatoes and lots of cheese

3.Put the Pizza in the oven and let it bake

4.Take it out and munch munch munch

Class Estimated Grade
Calc 2 B
Chemistry A
Economics A