This is the header for Homework5a.

My name is Noah Stoltz and I am in my first year of the Mechanical Engineering program. I am also interested in the field of Computer Science which I may switch to if Mechanical Engineering proves to be too difficult. Another major that I have some interest is in Computer Engineering. My brother is Computer Engineering intent right now but that is only my plan if i cannot CODA into either Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science.

My favorite hobby to do with friends is paintball. I use a Tippmann 98 Custom with a Q-loader hopper and Apex barrel system. I did not join the paintball team here at NCSU because they were not as relaxed as I had hoped they would be. I am actually going to play paintball with everyone in the Engineering Village on Saturday.

treeoctopus This is Google.
  1. Get white bread. Only white will do!
  2. Add peanut butter to both sides of bread. Get both sides real good.
  3. Put a little bit of honey on one side in a swirly pattern. Swirly is key at this point.
  4. Now close the lips of the beast! If it lines up, you did it right.
Class Expected Grade
English A
Calculus I B+
E115 Pass
Tippmann 98 Custom