Intro to XHTML

My name is Nicholas Beam. I'm a freshman (technically a sophmore, in terms of credits) in the College of Engineering First year program, with an Aerospace intent. I've chosen this major because I find most application on engineering in general to be interesting. I think that I could get involved in research to improve aircraft, as well as to design disaster releif aircraft that would provide aid to thousands of people across the globe. Plus, Aerospace can literally be rocket science. That's pretty cool.

One of my favorite hobbies is probably playing video games, if you can consider that a hobby. I know it doesn't amount to much productivity, but it's a very effective way for me to blow off steam and have a little fun. Of course, I love the outdoors, hiking, and drawing as well, but the more convenient, during the week hobby is playing video games.

Click Arrow to go to pandora internet radio, because I don't have a favorite website.

Click here to take a look at my resume.

How to make my favorite Pizza

  1. Spread pizza dough
  2. Cover in marinara sauce
  3. Add a lot of cheese. A lot.
  4. Add Chicken, Roma Tomatoes, Bacon, and Pineapple
  5. Bake. Let cool. Enjoy

Class Expected Grade
MA 242 B+
PY 208 C+
GC 120 B+