Hey my name is Nico. I am currently a freshman at NC State University. I am majoring in engineering and my top choice is chemical. I have always enjoyed previous science classes and made my decision after taking AP Chemistry in highschool. Its going to take a lot of work but the most important thing is that I am doing what I love to do.

I was born in Boston in lived up north for half of my life. During that time I followed the Red Sox very closely. I grew a love for baseball and continued to play up until college. I thought about taking it to the next level but wanted to focus on my degree. Although I have only been out of the game for a couple of months, I miss it a lot.
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    Steps to make my favorite sandwich:
  1. Buy bread
  2. Buy peanut butter
  3. Spread peanut butter on bread
  4. Fold the bread and enjoy!

Class Grade
E115 S
MA241 A
PSY200 A