Welcome to my About Me page for Independent Assignment 5!

Hello everyone! My name is Nicolas Borden. I am a currently a junior at North Carolina State University, and I am majoring in mechanical engineering. I hope to obtain at least a bachelors degree in my field of study, and maybe eventually go for a masters degree. I chose this major because I have always had a passion for math and problem solving.

My last job was construction work for a company called Axis Constuction. It was a fun job, and heavy in manual labor. A typical day on the job for me consisted of painting various beams of wood, and lifting various things such as metal and jetboard. On slow days my job was to clean up for the week prior. It was a tough job, but I learned alot, and got to work with some of my friends.

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My Four Favorite Classes

  1. Solid Mechanics
  2. Engineering Thermodynamics 1
  3. Dynamics
  4. Dynamics of Machines

Interesting Clubs Link
Aerial Robotics Club at NC State link
Drone Racing Club at NC State link