Welcome to my blog! Enjoy!

My name is Nisha Shah and I am a freshman at NC State University! I am interested in a couple different majors so I haven't quite decided which one I am going to pursue. The possible majors are Biomedical Engineering or Biochemistry! I am extremely interested in both of these fields and believe that I am a good fit for both. I am hoping that next year I will take classes more specific to both these majors and then will be able to determine which one I would want to declare as my major.

One of my favorite hobbies would have to be puzzles. Ever since I was young I have had a passion and love for all types of puzzles. In my house, there is definitely evidence of that. My parents have framed some and displayed them around the house and in my room, but the majority of them are in the attic stacked one on top of the other. I find that puzzles relax me, but also challenge me.

  1. Get Bread
  2. Spread mayo and mustard
  3. Put turkey, cheese, and tomatoes
  4. Put on plate and eat!

Course Name Grade
Organic Chemistry A-
E115 A+
English 101 A