Nicole Shoaf

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After completing secondary education at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, I enrolled in the College of Science at North Carolina State University. My major is engineering, although I have not decided on a concentration yet. I'm interested in chemical, mechanical, electrical, and a few others (my interests are very diverse). Despite this, I plan to graduate in 2020, even if it means summer school. I also plan to pursue a minor in psychology.

Why Engineering?

I chose engineering as my major for a number of reasons. For one, I won't deny it, it's a lucrative career. That's not the only reason, though, I assure you. I also chose engineering because it aligns with my skill sets and interests. I've always been interested in solving problems and helping others through volunteer work. This major combines the two; I can solve problems that better humanity. I'm also good at math, communication, and science, making this an ideal option.

Relevant Skills

Relevant Courses

Class Course Title Semester
CH 201 Chemistry - A Quantitative Science Spring Freshman
PY 205 Physics for Engineers and Scientists I Spring Freshman
CH 221 Organic Chemistry Fall Sophomore
MA 341 Applied Differential Equations Spring Freshman
CHE 316 Thermodynamics of Chemical and Phase Equilibria Junior Spring