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My name is Nikoals Fickensher, I am currently enrolled at NC State university graduation in the year 2021. Durring my time at State i plan to Major in Nuclear engineering and if possible I also wish to take a second major in MEchanical Engineering. I choose Nuclear Engineering becuase it not only fits my strengths in math and the nautral sciences but also allows me to problem solve and be involed in the even intersting field of nuclear technologies.

Most of my hobbies fall under the science types fields or the activities field, appart from my extensive work in theater production which is one of my favorite activities. Besides theater I have done several sports, from playying cometative tennis in Tanzania at a young age to wining state swimming with my team in thenth grade, and finally to track and field where I won the Interntion tournament between high schools in southern and eastern Africa. Finallly comes my hobbies and activities that fall under the stem catagory, this ranges form being captin of the robotics team to participating in my schools math team and advancing to the final round of the African Math Olympiad.

The job that I enjoyed the most durin my short time in life is when I worked for the US Embassy in South Afica. My job was working at the Information Systems Center, the simple description is that I worked at the IT department, i would say however that I learned from the people who ran the Enbassy. We where the first there everyday to make sure everyone could do their job and made sure that everythign went off without a hitch when forign dignitries visited, I learened to think on my feet and becuase of this it helped me become even more adaptable than before.

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  1. NE 235
  2. Theater Producion and Design
  3. MA 241
  4. E115

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Alan Davila Materials Science
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