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Hello my Nicholas Gentry, I am a freshman and I am pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. I chose to pursue this major because I would like to contribute to the medical field. I also like to create and build things, which is why I wanted to choose something in engineering. Last year for my senior project, I studied how nanotechnology is used in the medical field, such as drug delivery systems. This is what I would want to work with when I get my degree.

My favorite hobby is camping. I love the outdoors and getting to set up camp right in the middle of the woods gives me a great feeling. The hike to the camping site is also fun, however the backpacks are quite heavy, which can be tough when walking up steep hills. Me and my dad also go to a campground sometimes instead of backpapcking. We do this so we can ride bikes on the trails nearby, which I also enjoy.


My Favorite Pizza

  1. Pepperoni
  2. Basil
  3. Extra Cheese
  4. Crisp Crust
Calculus II Physics E101