Welcome to my E115 Page!!

My name is Nicole Harmon, I am a freshman in Civil Engineering. I chose Civil because I really want to work on sustainable infrastructure in third world countries. I took a class my senior year of high school that touched on hazards and disasters around the world. When we talked about earthquakes and tsunamis in places like Haiti and Sri Lanka respectively and the absolute devastation that countries go through because of their poor infrastructure, it really hit me hard. I want to be able to go to the contries and help provide them with the infrastructure necessary to survive.
My favorite hobby is playing viola. I have been in orchestra since I was in fourth grade and I absolutely love it. Orchestra was my top priority extracurricular in highschool. I was orchestra Librarian my freshman year, Treasurer my sophomore year, Vice President my junior year, and President my senior year. I love everything about orchestra and all of the opportunities it opened up for me and the friends that it brought me and the experiences it provided me.

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Here is how you order my favorite pizza:

  1. Turn on your laptop or computer.
  2. Open your internet browser of choice.
  3. Go to dominos.com.
  4. Look for coupons. (This is optional but I am a poor college student)
  5. Once you find a nice coupon, build your pizza.
  6. Add pepperoni and green peppers to ONE SIDE ONLY.(A girl's gotta have her plain cheese too!)
  7. Go to the checkout menu.
  8. Cry because pizza is expensive.
  9. Call your mom, dad, and boyfriend to ask if they'll pay for it.
  10. Sadly use the last $12 of your money.
  11. Anxiously wait for the delivery guy to call.
  12. Run outside in sweatpants to receive pizza.
  13. Feel bad because you spent all your money on pizza so you don't have money to tip.
  14. Eat half the pizza in one sitting.
Class Expected Grade
Calculus 2 A-
Physics 205 B-
Physics Lab A
MUS 200 A
Python B
E115 Pass

Here is a picture of a viola.